Agility is an 

extraordinary game. Master it.

ANDREA DEXTER | Dog Agility Trainer

 If you are in the Pacific Northwest, come work with me.


I have a full size agility field, excellent equipment, and training aides.




 I travel extensively in the United States conducting seminars. 


I may be coming to a location near you or contact me and we'll set something up.


 If getting together won't do it, we can use technology to get the job done.

If you can get it on video or describe what is happening in an email,

I can help.


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 For almost 25 years, I have worked full time teaching people how to master the sport of dog agility. It is something I love to do. To say that I am focused and inspired to help you is understating the energy and creativity, experience and dedication I will bring to the opportunity.

 It is my pleasure to help you and your dog-whether you are aiming for international success or rehabilitation of your shy dog. Whether you are a top athlete, experienced dog trainer, or you just want to handle your dog and train as if you are - I am here to tell you that you can do it,

and I can help. 





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Lay a solid foundation for your future agility star

Obstacle training and problem solving

Learn to communicate with your dog on course




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