My Philosophy


I believe that being successful in competition agility is 100% compatible with having a great time getting there.

I also think that agility is too special a game for both dog and handler to restrict its scope to just teams who want to compete. It is an extraordinary game, bringing together people and dogs in every possible combination.

I also enjoy the variety of styles of agility and have developed a way of training dogs and handlers to allow them to play in all venues, at all levels.  

Some of my specialties include:

* Building play drive

* Motivating your dog

* Competing hard with a teammate who shares your enthusiasm

A handling system that enables competing in all venues.

* Foundation training

* Technical handling

* Distance and independent obstacle performance


Ceilidh is my second dog to achieve multiple championships in all 4 venues that she competed in. She also qualified every year for nationals/championships in every venue multiple times and even won a couple of events. (Kaylee) as a pup was quite shy and overwhelmed by new things. She provided me a great opportunity to perfect my training skills in building motivation, drive, speed, confidence and play. 


Echo is a very speedy and high drive pup by temperament. She taught me to be sure to keep impulse control in the mix and has been a wonderful partner for experimenting with training methods such as having both running and stopped contacts. She has mostly run in USDAA with AKC and ASCA thrown in now and then and has qualified for nationals where she brought home many top 10 placements.

My Dogs