Socializing Your Puppy

There is so much pressure with puppies to rush around socializing them to sounds, sights, other dogs, hundreds of people - the list seems endless and the window of opportunity is short.

I often feel like owners get too caught up in this responsibility to their puppy- and miss out on the chance to socialize their puppy to the most important things that will influence their life and well being.

Make sure you socialize your puppy to you!

Here is how to do it.

First off, just spend some time being with your puppy, just watching and learning who your puppy is. Engage with them if they want. Nap with them if they want. Walk around the yard with them. Socialize them to your voice, your movement, your praise, your hands, your gaze, your smell. Socialize them to where you live, sleep, play, eat. Socialize them to your family members, the yard, the neighbors, the importance of your coffee in the morning and other routines.

A puppy that is confident in their relationship with you and their new home situation will be better prepared to cope with all of the other bizarre and wonderful new things that life with throw at them.

© 2017 by Andrea Dexter @ Agilityflix