Walking the Course - Any Venue Any Level

So this is one of those blogs that could, in theory, change everything for you - If I can make it make sense. Here is my fundamental premise: I think it is a mistake to decide what information you are going to give your dog before you figure out what information your dog is going to need.

When evaluate handling options on a course, There are a few steps I go through to figure out my handling strategy. With a couple of minor additions (in a later blog), this is all you need to do, every course, every level, every time.

My goal is to be 100% confident that I have a perfect handling strategy BEFORE I begin to work out the details of how I am going to execute it. A long time ago, I did the opposite, I immediately walked the course worrying if I should front cross or rear cross or whatever and I got tired of having wrecked my run before I even got my dog to the line because I was skipping over the steps that would determine if a cross was even a good idea!

Here is an example course to illustrate the steps.

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