Angst on the way to the ring: "Go Potty"

Hardly anything causes agility handlers more angst than not being able to get their dog to go potty before training or a competition run. It will be very handy to be able to direct your pup to “go potty” or at least encourage them to do so at convenient times and places.

To teach this, capture the moment and associate the word with the action. There are characteristic times and situations when you know you dog will have to relieve himself, be prepared and use the word you intend as a command just prior to that happening.

Be sure to work this behavior both on and off leash with your puppy and in a variety of settings. Some pups naturally want privacy and to be far away and some are less discriminant. Be sure to consider what surfaces you want your puppy to be comfortable with (grass, wood chips, cement), and what situations you don’t want (urinating on manmade objects for example).