I taught my puppy to ignore me?

Learn how to reinforce your dog for paying attention to you, instead of bribing him for it, asking for it, commanding it, coercing it or begging for it. Build their expectation that you are the gateway to cool stuff!

With your pup on a leash, go to a fairly neutral place in the environment (middle of the yard) and wait for them to notice you – when they do – reward with a quick game or treat and show them a new place to explore. Repeat.

Repeat this in more stimulating environments and build an expectation that you created all this great stuff for them to explore - and the way to do that is to look to you for the chance.

The easiest mistake to make here is in asking for your dog's attention. True you are working on a different skill called name recognition - but don't use it here. It is easy to accidentally train your dog to ignore you unless you call their name (or make kissy sounds, or whatever).

Instead, practice allegedly not noticing them until they notice you first!