Orient to your side: "Heel" "Side"

This builds upon your orientation to side foundation skill so that you can call your dog to either side.

This enables you to be able to move your dog easily, start training behaviors, manage their focus, direct their energy etc... Some people name this behavior, but you can also eventually cue it by tapping your outside leg on the side you want the dog to come to (or any other cue you would like).

Again, your puppy classes will spend time on this kind of behavior, but for agility you will want it to be very strong. Work up to recall to side from behind, side and ahead of you at speed so your dog learns how to run fast back to you without overshooting, bouncing off you, or losing control of their own balance.

As always, concentrate on games that encourage your puppy to want to come to your side - say because it makes you throw a ball for a game of fetch.

Perch work is also a nice foundation skill as you teach your dog to put their front feet on a perch and swing their rear legs in an arc. By turning them until they bang up against one side or the other, you can build the idea of orienting to your side.