easy, Easy, EASY!!!!: "Easy"

This is just another body awareness /mindset exercise in which you teach your puppy to move methodically and carefully - step by step. A good way to work on this is to teach the dog to walk through caveletti and you can also teach it with a wobble board or balance ball where your pup should move slowly and thoughtfully in getting on or off.

Moving on a hammock, trampoline, swing bridge etc. are also good surfaces to play on. The goal is to get each foot to move independently.

You can also play heel work games and stalking games to encourage this kind of mindset/movement. My dogs enjoy hunting imaginary rabbits and moles by following my body language and my whispered encouragement to go “eeaassssyyy”.

Although this isn't a critical foundation skill, I do find that a lot of handlers try to use the cue without actually training the dog what to do about it. Shouting and repeating yourself are unlikely to get you the result you want, so perhaps a way to train it will help.