Run with me

Because you teach your dog that your movement and energy are highly reinforcing (via play) – you will want to balance their level of stimulation when you move with some self control so they know the difference between play and covering ground quickly.

Teach your puppy what to do when you move at a variety of paces.

It is natural for them to be stimulated by faster paces and what comes naturally to them in response is probably not what you want them to decide to do.

Use 30’ circles or just go for walks, Reward frequently and catch them making good decisions at low speed walking and ultimately work up to jog and faster. You may or may not want to put any of this on command – this is simply teaching your dog how you move when you are moving at a variety of paces, and how they should move if they are with you on leash.

Don’t wait for them to make a bad decision, then correct them and reward - this will teach them to leap in order to stop leaping (for example). Instead move slowly enough and reward rapidly enough that you catch them being good. Then when they are good at a slow pace, increase your pace or stride length for a step or two, then reward again. Doing some of this with your puppy before they can outrun you can make this easier for them to be successful - but it changes quickly.