Sending to a stationary object / target using a foot touch

Teach your dog to drive to a non-moving object or toy. Can use hand-in-collar to encourage energy and drive. This behavior is valuable in itself but is related to the "Get-It" behavior when the dog goes to the target object and also picks it up.

If you use a toy, start very close, like sending one foot away.

-Start by sending them to chase a moving toy first,

-then throw the toy so it just barely stops before dog gets there,

-then throw the toy while you restrain your dog until the toy stops and then send your dog.

You want to build a high speed acceleration and then a quick stop behavior.

You can also teach this behavior by using a target.

The video shows a foot-touch target being used.

Once you have this skill, you can use it for any kind of directional behaviors such as sending forward over jumps, through weaves, turning away etc..