Teach a moving down: "Drop"

A moving down (drop) is simply a self control exercise that can help manipulate the dog’s mindset.

It can be a safety tool, and can help teach your dog how to manage their energy, controlling their momentum and body, and is often the foundation for the table/automatic down behavior.

Teaching your dog to crawl is another body awareness and mental management tool.

The foundation skill for this is teaching the dog to fold or collapse into their down. See the Sit and Down entry for games to play that encourage a nice fast down and then putting that to more and more movement. Also see the fetch blog for ideas.

This is also a nice foundation skill for a stopped contact and for a dog organizing their body for entering weave poles.

Every puppy class covers this skill in detail so I won't go over it, but do add it to your list of foundation skills to teach, even if you aren't heading toward competition obedience.