Teach your dog how to make choices

Teach your dog to offer behaviors for the chance to earn a reward.

The first version of this game is simple. I have seen many variations on this general theme. See the video to watch how I play it.

This game is hugely important to the future of your training as it teaches your dog how to work with you and how you will work with him- in addition to teaching him how to think and make choices.

This also shows your dog what the repercussions of a poor choice are (access to rewards goes away).

You’ll find many applications for this type of game. In fact any time you can give your dog a choice, you will strengthen their understanding and skill at making choices:

1) choose to wait for dinner to be set on the floor (in order for a chance to eat it),

2) choose to wait to go out the door (for a chance to go outside),

3) choose to get in the car (assuming your dog likes to go for a ride),

4) choose to let the leash go loose (for a chance to continue exploring the neighborhood)