Teach your dog they are allowed to: "Get-It"

An Enthusiastic “get it” works the same as sending your dog to a stationary target by using the toy as the target itself.

If you do not have a “get it” command you may find that your dog is so distracted by a toy that you opt not to use it, which would be a shame. Instead, teach the “get it” command so your dog knows when they are allowed to grab or leave you to pick up their toy.

It is important to your dog to be able to tell when the toy is “in play” and when it is not available to him. This skill lets you do that very effectively, but once you teach it, try to use it every time you present a toy and allow the dog to grab on or go fetch it.

You will want a dog who can work in the presence of a favorite toy, whether it is in your hand, laying on the ground or left outside the ring.

A typical training method is to associate the word after you release your dog from a stay behavior. "OK, get it!" and then present the toy. or "OK, get it!" and release them to retrieve a toy you have thrown.