Teach your pup to orient to you

Teach your dog to initially connect with you any time they cross a threshold into a new environment.

This is an important habit that will establish that the dog is still your team mate even though the environmental situation has changed.

It also lets you get oriented yourself to the forthcoming task and gives you the chance to direct your dog.

Here’s how I teach it.... After I release into a new environment OR after you cross a threshold into a new environment, wait for dog to orient to you and reward.

You do not need a command for this behavior - this is cued by the change in environment and becomes something your dog does out of habit. It is not a formal recall, just a “check in” to re-connect with you.

Watch for opportunities:

Getting out of a car

Going out the front door

Releasing from the crate

Going into a building, agility practice area, ring