Teaching a nose touch behavior: "Boop"

A “nose-touch” is a great re-orientation behavior by itself and also a foundation “targeting” behavior that enables the dog to learn other behaviors (because where the nose goes, the body follows).

This is also a very helpful foundation behavior that gives your dog something productive to think about and do in circumstances that are overwhelming, boring, distracting etc. I happen to call it "Boop" just because "Touch" is a foot touch for me.

The video shows the steps I go through to teach this behavior to a target plate held in the palm of my hand. You can also teach a nose-touch to your hand itself (and I recommend this too). I am using an object to show how you can then use the nose-touch to play other games.

The video also shows some common training issues that might arise that you should watch out for. Training through these issues with a target plate will better prepare you and your dog to avoid them when you are working on the very-important targeting behavior of a trained indication.