Once you have impulse control, name it: "Stay" Wait"

You have already begun to build the mindset of stay by playing self-restraint games. Now you can start to ask for it.

I can begin to name the physical behavior of not moving once I have the mental desire to not move trained. I call this “WAIT”.

There are literally hundreds of variations of games involving self-restraint.

The video shows some tips and techniques for adding a command to your self control behaviors.

There are several things that are important to get right when training a strong stay behavior. The most important is actually making it very clear what releases your dog. I use “OK” to release my dog, whether I have asked the dog to stay explicitly or whether I am training an implied stay without a verbal command.

In traditional obedience, STAY is only used when you intend to return to your dog to release them from your side, WAIT is used when you will release your dog from a distance. You can train one or the other or both - but be consistent - and don’t forget and leave your dog in a WAIT when you can’t release them (for example, when you leave them at home and go grocery shopping).