What is perch work?

This is just an extension of your basic targeting coupled with some body awareness games.

A perch can be any target (one front foot, one rear foot, both front feet, both rear feet, all 4 feet) and any kind of object can be the perch (a weighted bowl, flower pot turned upside down, hit-it board, wall, step, rubbermaid bucket, (right side up for perching inside, upside down for perching on), balance trainers or you!

The more “tricks” the puppy learns, the more skills they have to apply to other learning - for example, learning tricks that involve placing the rear feet enables them to learn other rear leg skills, like running contacts.

Learning how to run really fast and sit on a small perch enables them to learn collection cues more readily.

You can use perching to encourage a variety of behaviors including:

1) Stand on or in

2) Stretching toward without moving perched feet and stretching away (again without moving perched feet) - this isolates moving other feet than the ones perched.

3) Rotating around in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions (one way to teach orientation to your side as they rotate into alignment to one side or the other).

4) Stretching head side to side without moving body

5) Resisting the urge to move (stay behaviors)

6) Orienting to your side behaviors by moving while maintaining the perched behavior

7) Stretching higher and lower, play bows etc..