Communicating the path

This article looks at how the technical skills that you may have developed for other venues, will help you to solve distance puzzles as well, particularly big distance, like NADAC challenges.

In the previous article, I described a handling approach that works well for NADAC style puzzles – but also translates very well to other venues in which you handle your dog along an ideal path and let the obstacles be presented to the dog because they are in the way.

I also briefly mentioned the idea that each jump you present to the dog is an obstacle discrimination problem in and of itself and your job is not just to tell the dog “that” they should perform the jump, but “how” they should.

Well, managing the path and controlling the variable performance obstacles (jumps, tunnels, running contacts) are where you’ll find your technical skills are just as valuable for addressing NADAC puzzles as they are in any venue.

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