Training - Jump workbook

Click here for a pdf copy of the whole workbook

Here is a jump training workbook that covers every tip and insight I could cram into 7 pages. It contains a wealth of information about jump training. Here are a couple of exerpts - but check out the whole workbook!

Start by watching a dog take off for a jump.

This is a dog jumping in extension. A reasonable definition of this type of jump is that the dog takes off roughly 3 times the bar height away from the jump.

For example: at 20” height, they will take off about 5 feet before the jump.

In extension, a well-timed jump will follow a trajectory resulting in the dog landing about as far beyond the jump as they take off.

The highest part of the trajectory (apex) will occur over the top of the bar.

Video and go frame by frame!

Make sure your jump training takes into account all aspects of jumping:

Positive attitude toward jumping

Physical skills

Ability to scope ahead

Understanding of jump types (single bar, spreads...)

Understanding of type of jump (extended, collected)

Response to handling cues

Response to verbal cues (if desired)

Approach into, and acceleration out of, jump

Understanding about touching bars and standards

First jump behaviors