Cueing Jumps: showing where to go next before they take the jump

This video clip is intended to illustrate different cues for the first jump off the table. I am testing my cues to make sure Echo knows exactly where to go as she commits to the first jump and as she reaches the apex of the jump. I am comparing to make sure that each cue is unique and predicts where she is going next.

This kind of set up is the 1234 game (see separate article) where I am changing one thing - where to go at jump #1. I highly recommend it, both for training, and for confirming your cues.

If I did not get the result I expected, then I would evaluate whether my strategy was flawed, my execution was poor, or if neither of those things, and then treat it as a training opportunity. I would not continue to practice something until I knew the answer to this question. Once I know what the answer is, I can then do what I need to do to correct it. Either by identifying how I came up with a bad strategy. Going out by myself and practicing my body language, timing and execution. Or breaking it down and working on each piece to teach my dog what to pay attention to and how to respond.

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