Running A-frame: public service announcement

So you want to train a running A-frame. Love it! Watch this public service announcement.

So... You see the dilemma. It is fast. It is legal. She even manages to shift her weight and get up over the 26" jump after and nicely into the next sequence- but it is not criteria.

This is her favorite failure mode - 1 stride on the downside. I only see it when she and I are really pumped up- which is exactly when I don't want to see it: Steeplechase semi-finals, Grand Prix, Team Standard.... you get the idea. So why do I care- she is getting into the yellow isn't she?

Here is why: When she gets used to 1 stride, and she happens to shorten her stride, say I ​​cross behind her or are very far behind-then she may barely get a toe in or not at all.

In this case, her one stride is deep enough

That I get away with it but...

Be sure that when you make the commitment to train running contacts, you don't imagine that it is a way to avoid training. There is quite a bit involved (or can be, sometimes dogs have natural striding and if you just leave it alone it stays pretty good).