Training - back sides

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Once you have done some basic training with respect to sending your dog around cones, or barrels or trees, you can begin to work on the difference between sending around the forward side of a jump and the back side. As always, there are many ways to train this, but let me throw out an approach that works pretty well to build some nice distance and independence in this behavior.

The set-up that works nicely is to take something that represents a wing of a wing jump. It can be an actual wing, or it could be a kitchen chair, or your cone or barrel that you’ve been using. Along side that, a bar that is laid on the ground or maybe 8” off the ground on the wing side. The grey dot represents a target plate or the location of your toy reward.

In this example, we are working on the dog going around the left side of the wing. You will initially work the dog on your left side, so you are on the inside of the arc and they will push to the backside and turn toward you.

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